Time Travel Tuesday: solving the Grandfather Paradox?

Most exciting line in the article:

“If you can clone quantum states,” he says, “you can violate the Heisenberg uncertainty principle”

Although this part is pretty interesting to me, since Brandy deals with the past and future in both “same” and “alternate” universes:

“Deutsch’s theory has a weird effect of destroying correlations,” Lloyd says. “That is, a time traveler who emerges from a Deutschian CTC enters a universe that has nothing to do with the one she exited in the future. By contrast, post-selected CTCs preserve correlations, so that the time traveler returns to the same universe that she remembers in the past.”

In my series, time travel is code. It’s all lovely ones and zeroes, and someone figured out that, since the universe was basically binary also, they just had to hack it. So, the most notorious hacking group of the 22nd century hacks the Universe and invents time travel.

Was that a spoiler, or a teaser? 🙂

Full Huffington post article for the goings on here and now, right here.




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