Time Travel Tuesday: Time Travel in movies – Somewhere in Time

When I first started writing The Damnation of Bronte Grey (and that was not the name of it), I thought it would be a romance.

Then, when my brain began giving me dreams of new plots every other night, I began writing new stories every week. I now have six flash fiction stories completed, a short story (about six thousand words) done, and about thirty-five more books/novellas/short stories for the series started, as well as random outtakes. Many of those have Apollo along for the ride, at least for a little bit of the story. He makes a good foil, but he’s primarily a kind of literal deus ex machina. Gods are handy like that. He’s someone for Brandy to lean on, fall back on, and come home to at the end of a long, rough life. Not really a partner to live a life with. Gods are busy folk, y’know.

I thought the series would primarily be an adventure story, about a loner goddess roaming the universe. Then I started really getting in to the writing of the first book. I began writing the scenes with the character I already knew was her primary love interest in the book. I didn’t plan for very many scenes between them. The more I wrote, though, the more I fell in love with the two of them. A good thing, since their romance was already planned for two more books, far in her future. But two only. I didn’t think the character interesting enough to drag him through any more than that. She has a thousand lives to live! Surely she can meet more interesting characters along the way…
But no. I kept writing, and writing, and writing. And at some point, I realized that I had to write him in to more books than just three. He had become a main character. I wrote some random scenes with him and other characters. Then I wrote a scene of him meeting Apollo. I may have to edit it. It was hilarious, but slightly in the “for mature audiences” category. Apollo drops in at a bad time.

These scenes were all far in the future. It took me a while to break down and realize that I had to write him as a recurring character – he has to have air time in ALL of the books. Some characters just demand to be heard.

That was a very long way of getting to the point of this post, wasn’t it?

When I realized that the romantic portion of the book was at least equal to the other aspects of the book, I decided to order (Amazon loves me) my favorite time travel movie from my childhood – Somewhere in Time. I hadn’t seen it for years – probably not since watching it on video tape when I lived with my parents as a kid. But I remembered loving that movie, being fascinated with the love story and also the time travel.

So, I bought the movie. And I watched it.

WOW that movie is depressing.


Not only depressing, but unbelievable in the romance area. I can suspend disbelief for the time travel – I’m fine with that – but the love story just went way too fast. Granted, some have said that about my story as well, but at least my characters have prior knowledge on one side and visions on the other, which creates a bit of a perfect storm. Richard and Elise barely know each other (though he knows her from what he has read of her), and he really does act a bit like a stalker. A charming stalker, but still.

All that aside, though – the ending? Really? That’s not romantic. It’s defeatist. Just as bad as Padme in RotS. Grrr.

You’ll never catch Brandy acting that way. Well. Never Rarely after the first book. Ha! She has some growing up to do in the first book. Luckily, she has good mentors.

Maybe I need to read the book version of Somewhere in Time. The book is always better.

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