I said at one point that I wanted to self-publish my books by Christmas. Then I said New Year’s. The latter, of course, begs the question, “which New Year?”

New Year’s Day?

or maybe

Chinese New Year?

And, of course, there is the Athenian New Year in the ancient Hellenic calendar, which changed each year since it is a lunar/solar calendar. This year, the 2nd year of the 698th Olympiad began on June 29th. Last year, the first year of the 698th Olympiad began on July 19th, which happened to be my birthday. 🙂

In looking at the various different New Years on the Wiki link (the first NY link), several of them fall on April 13th or 14th. Brandy’s birthday, in the book, is April 12th. I like that her birthday is so close to the start of a new year. I chose the date because it was the date of the first Columbia mission, and also because of Yuri Gagarin‘s first trip into space twenty years earlier. That was a good way to start those years, as well.


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