It’s NaNo time…

It’s a week into NaNoWriMo, and my bad guys have yet to order a hit on Brandy.

Seriously. I have written 17,000 words this week, and other than her getting shot somewhere in the first 500 or so words, which made her decide to go after the guy who sent the two goons (I never said it was a complex plot), she has barely thought of them. And apparently, they haven’t thought much of her. I normally plot – a lot – and jump around as I write, but this time I decided to do NaNo at the last minute, write linearly instead of jumping around, and go with kind of a vague plot. I’m getting a lot written, but, uh, I totally lost my PLOT. Two main characters went missing after the first couple thousand words, and I don’t miss them – I love the new characters – but I think they need to be found because they have the stolen loot the bad guys are looking for… and, really. Brandy needs to do a little more investigating, and the bad guys need to be shooting at her.

I am SO not a pantser. I need outlines!

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