NaNo word count, and plotting vs pantsing

Well, it’s November 9th, and I have only missed one day of writing so far – yesterday, when I was just too exhausted after work to stay up and write. Today, however, I stayed up and wrote, and my word count is now…


Only 3465 words to go to the halfway point, and I wrote the ending today, so I know where the story is going..

Normally I am a plotter. A very severe plotter, in fact, to the point that I have plotted for months or even years before writing anything down. I mean that literally – I have rehearsed lives 1, 412, and about 990-995 for Brandy (plus a scattered few from 793 on)  in my head for anywhere from 23 to 15 years now, with various changes being made as I got bored or decided the story would work better a different way. I eventually had so many plots, and they were so long, that I started losing track of what happened where. Rather than write it down like a normal person, I created sound tracks for the three storylines. They are long. Each one takes up two CDs.

So like I said. Normally, I plot. And plot. And plot. Funny thing, though, now that I am actually writing it down, a lot of those 20-year-old plots have changed completely. But for NaNo, I decided to pants it, because I decided to do it at the last minute. I’m doing Brandy’s 4th life, which I only had a very vague idea about – I had an idea that she was going to fake amnesia, which Apollo had suggested, and then be blackmailed by the psychiatrist assigned to help her.

That didn’t work out. In fact, I used a plot generator to get a better actual PLOT for the overall story, and it has pretty much derailed as well. I’m trying to get it back on track, but I now realize WHY I plot… LOL.

Too bad I can’t add this post to my word count!

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