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Watch “Brandy Looking Glass” on YouTube

Brandy Looking Glass: On honor of Brandy’s birthday, here is the video of the of the same name. Her guardian, Alma, was obsessed with when she was born, which is how she got the nickname. [I was very tempted … Continue reading

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Happy birthday Brandy!

Today, in 1983, in another part of the multiverse, Bronte “Brandy” Grey was born in Hades. In attendance were her Aunt Persephone, who acted as surrogate and thus gave birth to her; her mother, Athena, who stood as far as … Continue reading

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Politics, Puppies, and… idk. Pink Pegacorns.

I hate politics. I’ll just get that out of the way first. Any politics, from government to office. I don’t do a good job of sucking up to others (no, autocorrect, not *ducking* up). I have gotten better, but this … Continue reading

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Pop culture references

The first chapter of my book has a reference to the 1986 SNL skit with William Shatner: Jesus sighed. (”At least he didn’t weep,” Atropos whispered to Lachesis, elbowing her in the ribs.) “My book has been translated into many … Continue reading

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Time Travel Tuesday: Transparent Aluminum

I occasionally get sucked into the world of TV Tropes. Don’t do it, people. You’ll be there for hours. I’m glad I did it tonight, though. Did you know that there is actually a formula for Transparent Aluminum? I had … Continue reading

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Brandy and the Clip Show

Wrote this for a “character interview” thread on the Critique Circle forum. Thought it would work well for the “About Brandy” section of the website. Saturn Tau 5689   Brandy studied the tiny “interview” room the silent agent had escorted … Continue reading

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