Politics, Puppies, and… idk. Pink Pegacorns.

I hate politics. I’ll just get that out of the way first.

Any politics, from government to office. I don’t do a good job of sucking up to others (no, autocorrect, not *ducking* up). I have gotten better, but this last year I’ve had kind of a duck it attitude (okay, autocorrect, I’ll give you that one).

And so, having never been a part of any organization which voted for ANY awards, reading about “Puppygate” has been pretty fascinating. If you don’t know what I mean, here are some links:

file 770

GRRM’s Not a Blog

the other side

There is a third party as well, but he didn’t show up in my immediate Google search. Sorry. On my phone, it’s 2am, I have insomnia.

Anyway. Reading through all of GGRM’s posts, I finally decided to be proactive and join Worldcon as a supporting member so I can vote. I’ve read other books by two of the authors on the novel list, but not the two nominated. I’m still reading the third book in a friend’s trilogy (I should post that later!), but when I am done, I will start in on the Hugo list.

Because for once, I actually do feel that my vote counts. And it’s about books – art that people put their hearts into. That kind of voting needs to be fair and be kept fair, in the best sense of “may the best person win.”

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