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Spamalot (no, sorry, not that one)

Sometimes, ya just gotta love Spam. I just deleted thirteen comments from the spam folder. One told me the virtues of pigeon milk. And YES, WordPress grammar checker, I really meant the BIRD.

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I’ve had more than one person crit my first chapter on Scribophile and then never do any of the other chapters. Some told me they just couldn’t understand all of it because they didn’t know anything about Greek mythology. I … Continue reading

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Spartan posts

Oh, WordPress, you failed me. I had a 300 word post written, went to publish it, and you hadn’t even saved a draft?? How is that possible? Evil internet gremlins. Is Mercury retrograde right now? Brandy would be asking Hermes … Continue reading

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Finding Beta Readers and Letting It Go

It’s hard to really estimate the power of a good beta reader. I have three right now – one on Live Journal, one on Scribophile, and then one I met through a yahoo list for romance writers. One lets me … Continue reading

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