I’ve had more than one person crit my first chapter on Scribophile and then never do any of the other chapters. Some told me they just couldn’t understand all of it because they didn’t know anything about Greek mythology.

I was going to turn it into a prologue instead of the first chapter, but!

Maybe I should have the first chapter be a separate story, instead? It has none of the time travel/sci-fi elements in it (other than the aliens, who show up for a moment) – it’s all the Fates. I have another story I was planning to release as a freebie which does not have any of the mythological element (other than a reference to Athena being a goddess) – it’s all about the time travel. MAYBE I should use both as freebies. Release one the first month, the second the next month, and then the novel the third month. I would just have to re-read chapter two to make certain the novel can start from there without any editing.


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