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Oh, WordPress, you failed me. I had a 300 word post written, went to publish it, and you hadn’t even saved a draft?? How is that possible? Evil internet gremlins. Is Mercury retrograde right now? Brandy would be asking Hermes that question.


Well, then. Now I know to write my blog posts in Scrivener before posting here. I used to do that, but I got lazy.

Word of the Day: spartan

I have the following scene in my first book:

“Right.” Brandy entered the room and flopped down onto the beanbag chair she had bought specifically to use in her mom’s quarters. Every other piece of furniture her mom had would make a person think her mother was the patron goddess of Sparta, not Athens.

I have had a couple of people not understand the reference to Sparta (possibly
because, thanks to certain movies, Sparta makes people think only of war, blood, and death). Maybe my reference is a little vague. I don’t know. But today, I read a fantastic piece on a website. The author referred to the character’s surroundings as spartan. One of the comments he received asked if that was a real phrase.


So. Word for the day. Spartan, as an adjective. We want 2b. 2b, or not 2b, said Bugs…

Definition of SPARTAN

: of or relating to Sparta in ancient Greece
a often not capitalized : marked by strict self-discipline or self-denial
b often not capitalized : marked by simplicity, frugality, or avoidance of luxury and
comfort <a Spartan room>
c : laconic
d : undaunted by pain or danger
— Spar·tan·ly adverb

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