My Secret Shame

Oh, Scribophile. Why did you have to be so addictive?

It’s like a video game setup for writers. You critique to earn points. You spend the points to post your work for others to critique. You can even level up! You have reputation points, and your title in that category changes with the number of reputation points.

It’s a fantastic site. I have improved my writing and learned a bit about critiquing. I have found fantastic writers on there, and I hope they all either self-publish or find publishers.

But… I still have at least one beta that has languished on my hard drive for too long now, still with comments up to chapter six, because I am always on Scrib. And I mean always. It’s sad. And, I have another one coming, this one about 100k longer than that one…

So, I think my Scribophile time will have to be limited for the next week. Sigh. Do they have a patch for that? Maybe chocolate will work.

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