People on twitter talk a lot about diversity, and how to include it in your books. I guess I cheat. I have a hard time coming up with names, so I use Scrivener’s name generator. Instant cool names, and instant diversity.

I don’t  do it because I want to be cool and in with the in crowd. I don’t do it to get an agent (I don’t think that would work, so you probably shouldn’t try it, lol). I do it because I have always been a Star Trek fan. Because I believe in IDIC. Because I believe that in the future, none of that will cause anyone to bat an eye. People with “strange names” won’t seem so strange. 

And then I have beta readers tell me I need to change my “weird names” because no one will be able to pronounce them and I will alienate readers.

And that was about O’Shaughnessey…

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