7x7x7x7 writing challenge!

Hey all! @saperlmutter of sarahperlmutter.com tagged me in this challenge from PitchWars! I saw something about it earlier today, but I spent the day editing. I know I have more edits to go (never-ending, right?), but I got this pass done, including adding a couple of scenes to help continuity (ie, if the MMC was shot and hit his head on a concrete floor, why did he not have a concussion or any lasting damage? HMMMM. Fixed that). Yay! So, here is the 7x7x7x7 writing challenge!

Here are the rules (given to me by Sarah):

7x7x7x7 Rules:

Step 1: Eat a cookie (if you don’t, the rest of the steps are ruined)

Step 2: Scroll to the 7th page of your work-in-progress (WIP) or the story you entered into the lovely PitchWars

Step 3: Go down to the 7th line

Step 4: Post the next 7 lines

Step 5: Tag 7 writer friends

Here’s my entry!

Title: The First Two Lives of Brandy Grey

Genre: Adult Mythic Fiction

“Well, it better not be adamantine,” Atropos began, “because if you are even thinking of giving her adamantine claws -”
“No, no, no!”
“Steel? Like nerves of steel?”
Clotho sighed and used her free hand to run her fingers through her hair. She pulled out a piece of alpaca wool. She needed a comb.
“You were closest with the silver, but it’s not actual silver. It’s a silver lining, from a cloud.”

Okay, technically it’s eight, but my OCD made me include the end of the sentence on the 8th line. 🙂

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