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Ten Things I Hate About – er, wait. Wrong list.

Ten things about ME.

1. I travel for work in a way-too-small RV. If I didn’t write so much, I would say that I see the country. Sadly, for the most part I see the inside of my RV. Specifically, the TV I use as a monitor. I have, however, gone to a few state parks in Texas and have a fantastic view at the RV park near Austin where I am currently parked. Also, writing and living in an RV have combined to make me less dependent on ten million different craft supplies.


2. I recently took up weaving and spinning. Athena has always been my favorite goddess, and I have woven for years, but always on very small looms. I now have a loom which is… well… taking up most of the floor space in the RV. But it’s cool.


And I’ll have more floor space when…

3. I am saving up to build a cabin on land I own in Terlingua, TX. It’s a cabin shell, and except for help with the wiring, plumbing, and building one interior wall, I intend to do all the rest myself. You have no idea how many homesteading and DIY books I have on my kindle.

4. I wrote quite a bit about my character going to Terlingua before I ever went there myself. The photos I’d seen on real estate sites did not adequately convey the elevation changes (read: there’s mountains in them there hills). It’s gorgeous, but I need to do some editing! LOL.

5. My Twitter background and the pics on my website are from my land in Terlingua. Below is a pic of clouds rolling in when I was driving through Alpine on my way to Terlingua. They were pretty much on the ground. At that elevation, I’m pretty sure they were clouds, not fog. 🙂 I love the mountains. I grew up on the plains. They’re beautiful, too – fantastic sunsets – but mountains are just awesome. Terlingua has a great mix of long stretches of desert AND mountains. The wildflowers when I was there in March were amazing.

clouds on highway in Alpine

6. I am going back to school. Yay me! I don’t know for what, though. Boo me! I have the potential to be a career student, but that would put off the cabin for too long, so I need to figure it out. I want to take ALL the history and philosophy classes, and the military studies AD (not an ROTC track) would be very helpful when my character is an Admiral in the future and starts taking things seriously. However, the English degree and editing courses might be more practical… if nothing else, they would help my writing. 🙂 I just know I have to get out of my current career.

7. Just in case I have to take any dreaded MATH classes, I signed up with the Khan Academy. I always had trouble with algebra. Thirty years with no algebra practice when you weren’t good at it to begin with? ARGH. I should have asked for stoichiometry. Algebra was easier with atoms, somehow.

8. I wrote non-stop when I was in school. I started before I was in school, in fact. I stopped in college, ironically after getting a story published, because someone I had a crush on made fun of my writing. If I could go back and slap myself, I would. I continued to write poetry, but I didn’t write fiction again until two years ago, when I took the plot I’d been daydreaming for twenty years out of my head and started writing it down. It only vaguely resembles that now, but hey. It’s out of my head, and has been read by a few people.

9. I want a farm. I’ve always loved sheep, and I have a thing about birds. I want chickens, ducks, peacocks, geese, goats, a couple of beef cattle each year (yes, I really wouldn’t have any problem with that – I would name them T-Bone and Ribeye, then the next year name the next set the same thing). Can’t have all of that in Terlingua – not the ducks or geese, and probably not the peacocks. I wouldn’t do that to sheep, either. But maybe the rest.


10. Why yes. I do want to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. 😉 Actually, I just want to be off-grid, (except for internet – I may plan for rainwater harvesting, solar panels, and a composting toilet, but they have fiber optic cable nearby. Gotta have priorities), in an area with peace and quiet, and have a gorgeous view of the stars. It has all that.

bluebonnets on Ranch Road

It may be the middle of nowhere, but it’s gorgeous. Bluebonnets last March.

Bonus bullet point!

11. I grew up on Star Trek, Greek mythology, and Dr. Who.* It only seemed natural to me to create a world where the Greek gods were as real as you or me, time travel had been invented, and the future was a lot like Gene Roddenberry saw it. I have also always gravitated towards books with a theme of fate vs free will – Slaughterhouse 5 is one of my favorite books. I guess it was only natural (fate?) that my brain do a remix dance inside my head and mash-up all of those things into The First Two Lives, with a hefty dose of pop culture.

And that’s it for me! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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Many thanks for hosting the hop! 🙂

*and Star Wars, but… although it does contribute to the pop culture aspect in the book, it doesn’t really contribute to the theme as much as the others, except in the “myth for our time” way that it mirrors mythology in general.**

**Ignoring the prequels, which one should always do.***

***GOD I don’t know whether to look forward to the new movies or dread them. I think I am currently 75% dreading them, since I have only seen one trailer so far, and that was the first. I don’t even remember when the first one comes out. I’ll probably miss it like I did Walter Mitty. And Age of Ultron.****

****NO, auto correct, I did not mean Aldrin. I really meant Ultron. Sigh.

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