Aeon 2.0

I just downloaded the new version of Aeon, the timeline software compatible with my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE software, Scrivener. I had the early version and gave up on it quickly, but that was my fault, not the fault of the software. The timeline was intended to be linear, as time most often is, and my series is about time travel and reincarnation. My character jumps around too much for a linear timeline.

However, when I looked at the tutorial, I realized that I hadn’t looked outside the box last time. Apparently, you do NOT have to give your various characters birth and death dates. I want to, but that’s the just the OCD in me. If I don’t give them birth or death dates, maybe the software won’t mind so much if they flit around in time. I won’t be able to use it to calculate their ages at each event, but I’ve used a calculator for that anyway, and I can always make a note at each event about how old each character is, if they happened to have been born or died at that point, and, you know, if it was in an alternate universe… Oh, and what book it’s in. Yes, I could make different timelines for each book, but the point of the software was for me to be able to see ALL THE THINGS in one timeline, without just painting a wall white and using sharpie on it.

Which I may still do.

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