Accessory Failure

I am completely failing at accessing JMS content this week.

I got my set of B5 DVDs – “CNN Documents Babylon 5” – but my DVD player is a country length away from me, so I need to buy one next time I go to the store (no offense to anyone involved, but I only leave the apartment to go to work, and that, grudgingly).

I wanted to have the three Superman: Earth One comics on my Kindle Fire (the physical copies are currently in a box somewhere) so I could re-read them, so I bought them on Amazon tonight. I have no idea where my charger is. It was here two months ago. I tore the place apart. It is nowhere. Found my checkbook, though. Yay! I ordered a new charger.

I bought the back issues of Dream Police on the Image Comics site… and have no idea what format I need for my Fire even after searching for it (and it gave me a headache) so I don’t know what to download, so I just downloaded the pdfs to view on my computer. THEN I saw his tweet about buying them on comiXology, went to it, and HEY. You can get them on your Fire… SO, I’m just going to rebuy them all. Because, like, it’s just EASIER.

Is Mercury retrograde???? Ooh – possibly not – I was able to download issue one of Dream Police to my phone, and my phone hasn’t let me download an app or much of anything else for quite a while. So, there’s that.

Electronics don’t like me. Which is bad since I work in a lab.


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