Eleven hours and 6000 words

Am I the only one who gets full stories in dreams? I dreamed a story last night. I only “saw” the last few scenes, but the whole thing – backstory, the beginning, all of it – was there in the dream.

I got up, fixed coffee, and started writing. Since I work second shift, my “morning” started at 2pm, but still. 🙂 It is now after 1am. I have almost six thousand words written and the only reason I am stopping is that I’m going to stop making sense pretty soon. Or possibly I already have. I’m close to writing the end scenes now – hahahaha – I say that, but I didn’t expect the beginning to be nearly so long… it will need a lot of editing. BUT. Writing.

Now, sleep.

Edit – I’m a little disappointed that I only have 6000 words. I wrote a thousand in half an hour once. This is like 500 words per hour. Sigh. Well, granted, I did have to google things, and I forgot I stopped to buy jewelry, and eat… but still. I need to increase my word count.

OH. I didn’t write an outline first. That’s what did it. I do much better with an outline. I had one in my head, but not on paper. Hmmmm.

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