#PitchWars Mentee Bio

I keep wanting to write “Mentos” bio. Put me in a can of Coke and shake me up, then run away!

Who am I? I’m someone who is hopefully entering PitchWars, that’s who! OH. You want that other stuff, the boring “real life” stuff (though I would argue that the amount of time I spend writing is probably more than the time I spend at work…).

I’m a lab tech who really did not know what she was getting into 25 years ago when she went into the field. I just knew I loved chemistry. A LOT. Like, spending my lunch hours in the chem lab type of love. Working in a medical lab? That’s, like, *biology.* Shudder. I never liked biology. I didn’t even TAKE biology in high school. I skipped it and went to the chem and physics classes. Not that I really liked physics, either… Just give me chemistry. This is why I LOVE fabric dyeing. That’s more like playing in the chem lab.

Anyway, my chosen profession isn’t all that bad, and I’m pretty good at it, but I’d always rather be writing. To that end, I travel for work, doing short term assignments so I can take off time between them. I have an RV to use as my base camp, but this is my goal:


It’s a tent for the top of your car. My goal is spend two weeks in each of the National Parks while I’m writing the books in my novella series. Last year I spent a week in Terlingua and wrote a lot while I was there. No distractions except the birds and the sunsets.

My MS is a little bit cross-genre, but it basically falls under science fiction thanks to all the time travel (invented by humans, not magically brought on by the gods), space travel, and alternate universes. I found the genre “Science Fantasy” thanks to a fellow PitchWarrior, but then had a query critique and decided to stick with SF.

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