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Okay, note to self: hit TAB, not ENTER, after typing the post title. D’oh. I think I just published this with title only.


I rewrote a significant portion of my novel over the last six weeks. Part of it came from a dream I had a couple of years ago and ignored – the rest from a series of dreams I had after I got back from a writer’s workshop this summer.

Don’t ignore your dreams, people. Your subconscious puts a lot of effort into those things. I’m too close to it to know for sure, but I feel that this version is a heck of a lot better than the last couple of versions. Of course, those didn’t have such significant changes, except the first couple when I was trying to figure out what the book really *was.* This one? Huge changes.

Numbers: I didn’t try to calculate the difference in words in the all of the scenes I kept, but the percentage of new words in new scenes and huge chunks of old scenes was 39%. That’s a lot. The percent of new scenes, total, was 48%. I only kept the “relationship” scenes between the two main characters and the scenes for the main character which led to the climax of the book. If I’d taken them out, well, I don’t know what the book would have been about. 🙂

Part of me wishes I hadn’t ignored that dream I had a couple of years ago. I thought it felt too “Dresden-Files-ish,” even though loved the show and I like the book series, and figured my brain was just trying to copy that – but the dream was right about the relationships it gave my character. They’ve changed her a lot from the last version of the book, and it’s for the better.

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