September’s over, Green Day (and October’s almost gone, too)

Whoa, bad blogger! I missed almost three full months. I need an alarm or a timer or something. Maybe I should list this as a task in my bullet journal. 🙂

Is writing a good excuse for not writing? Probably not. I’ve actually been on the road most of the last three weeks, visiting family, so there hasn’t been a lot of writing this month. I did get close to 2000 words written two or three weeks ago on my new project, and I set up a Scrivener project for it (new project created, chapters created, two scenes per chapter with word count target and outline for what should happen in each scene) (YES, I am a plotter), but other than that I’m going to use it for my NaNo novel this year.

I also bought Holly Lisle’s class How to Revise Your Novel, and I have started in revising the very first version of my Brandy book. I have several versions of it right now. When I read through the first, I realized I actually liked it the best. It was simple. Just a love story – girl meets boy, they fall in love, there’s a triangle and a mystery subplot (which needs to be a REAL mystery in the revision), but oh well, and her goal is to figure out how to get to where he is, because he happens to be from 1200 years in the future. He’s not worried because he already knows she’s in the future – he just didn’t like her all that much until he met her in the past. I let the story turn into a lot of different things over the last three years. I have plans for those, too, but this first one needs to get back to the basics.

Oh. And, uh, yes. I spent the last three (four?) months becoming slightly obsessed with bullet journals… Not that I didn’t have an obsession with journals before, but I never could find a planner I liked, or would work for me. The bullet journal is WHATEVER YOU MAKE IT. It’s just amazing.

So. How’s your fall? 🙂

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