Name change

I’ve spent the last few months retooling the Brandy Chronicles, and the main change, it turns out, is that “it’s not all about you” (meaning Brandy). I’ve changed it from a novel with a novella series afterwards to six novellas in place of the first book, all taking place in Brandy’s first life – but in different universes where the characters make very different choices. The bigger the choices, the more different the universes. The best example is Athena – in some universes, she interprets a prophecy in 1000BC one way, in other universes other ways. They lead to her raising Brandy in 20th century Dallas in one world , Seattle in another, and in yet another she waits another thousand years before Brandy is born.

Along with the structural changes, I decided the name needed to be changed as well. And so, we have the Ten Earth Saga, headed to your e-reader or bookshelves soon. 🙂

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