Ten Earth Saga collector items

I only got four hours of sleep today, so forgive the crazy thought train.

Or not.

I was at work and saw a Styrofoam box that looked like the kind that holds collector’s plates, which I loved about 25 years ago. NOT THAT I NO LONGER LOVE THEM. I do. Especially the whales. But I digress. 

Thinking of collector’s plates led to the thought “You haven’t really made it until you have your own line of collector’s plates for your IP.”*

And then an image of melmac plates with crayon drawings popped into my head. 

And I burst into maniacal laughter that terrified my coworkers.

Well, no, but I did giggle.

And.now I’m really tempted to have my niece** create artwork for the books and plaster them on plates to sell on Etsy. HA! I think my readers will have to have that kind of sense of humor to read the books anyway…

* IP = Intellectual property 

** She’s an adult, and an artist – no, not going to have a kid scribble on plates and sell them… lol.

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