Novella update

The first novella in the Ten Earth Saga is written and being revised, and I’m working on the second and third. Work and an avalanche of things breaking in my personal life (including ME) has kept me from writing quite as much as I wanted to lately (small example – I turned on my computer to write before work and the thing immediately decided to do updates, so now I have only ten minutes left before I need to leave), but I have made some progress. I decided to self-publish, and am going through a workshop on how to do so. The section on how to do a cover is KILLING ME. I have three different programs for creating a cover, and have watched videos on each, and… well, no one is going to be able to master everything in life, and for me, photoshop type programs are apparently one of those things. You get what you pay for, and I’m afraid my cover would scare people away. 🙂

I could probably do a collage of what I want on paper and then scan it in. If I were promoting a book with an artsy feel, that would probably work, too. But this book? Not so much.

But, I may try it one more time…

Have a great Hump Day, everyone!


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