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Rewrite statistics

Okay, note to self: hit TAB, not ENTER, after typing the post title. D’oh. I think I just published this with title only. Anyway. I rewrote a significant portion of my novel over the last six weeks. Part of it … Continue reading

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Be Yourself

Lesson for the day: never try to make yourself something you aren’t. I wrote a story at the end of March. I was pretty sure it was the best story I had ever written. Why was that? Because it was … Continue reading

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7x7x7x7 writing challenge!

Hey all! @saperlmutter of tagged me in this challenge from PitchWars! I saw something about it earlier today, but I spent the day editing. I know I have more edits to go (never-ending, right?), but I got this pass done, including adding a … Continue reading

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#PitchWars Mentee Bio!

Ten Things I Hate About – er, wait. Wrong list. Ten things about ME. 1. I travel for work in a way-too-small RV. If I didn’t write so much, I would say that I see the country. Sadly, for the … Continue reading

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Spartan posts

Oh, WordPress, you failed me. I had a 300 word post written, went to publish it, and you hadn’t even saved a draft?? How is that possible? Evil internet gremlins. Is Mercury retrograde right now? Brandy would be asking Hermes … Continue reading

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Finding Beta Readers and Letting It Go

It’s hard to really estimate the power of a good beta reader. I have three right now – one on Live Journal, one on Scribophile, and then one I met through a yahoo list for romance writers. One lets me … Continue reading

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Brandy and the Clip Show

Wrote this for a “character interview” thread on the Critique Circle forum. Thought it would work well for the “About Brandy” section of the website. Saturn Tau 5689   Brandy studied the tiny “interview” room the silent agent had escorted … Continue reading

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It’s NaNo time…

It’s a week into NaNoWriMo, and my bad guys have yet to order a hit on Brandy. Seriously. I have written 17,000 words this week, and other than her getting shot somewhere in the first 500 or so words, which … Continue reading

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I said at one point that I wanted to self-publish my books by Christmas. Then I said New Year’s. The latter, of course, begs the question, “which New Year?” New Year’s Day? or maybe Chinese New Year? And, of course, … Continue reading

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End of the World as We Know it Thursday: Find and replace, and panic attacks

I have decided to attempt to make my book slightly more YA-friendly. I am doing a “find and replace” for all curse words. I read a story recently which I felt went a little overboard on this – they punished one of the … Continue reading

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