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End of the World as We Know it Thursday: Find and replace, and panic attacks

I have decided to attempt to make my book slightly more YA-friendly. I am doing a “find and replace” for all curse words. I read a story recently which I felt went a little overboard on this – they punished one of the … Continue reading

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Sometimes, all the googling and wikipedia-ing in the world will not get you the information you need. Two of my characters are in the process of creating the Time Agency in book two. One of them was told that it … Continue reading

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The First Two Live of Brandy Grey

Plagued by visions after her nanny dies, Next-Generation goddess Brandy Grey is convinced that the Fates rule all. It will take one choice, and the destruction of the Earth, to convince her that free will exists.

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High Destiny Files Room

I pass by this door on my way to and from work every day. It always makes me think of George McFly saying “I’m your density.” 🙂 Of course, since the door says density, I walk past it and think … Continue reading

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Word Counts

I started keeping track of my word counts back in October, when I began writing again for the first time in about twenty years. And, DUH, I just realized my blog posts should count toward my word count. I should … Continue reading

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Points of View

Several things lately have reminded me of this conversation from Return of the Jedi: Obi-Wan: So what I told you was true, from a certain point of view. Luke: A certain point of view? Obi-Wan: Luke, you’re going to find … Continue reading

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