Pen Name Apologetics

Ella Apollodorus is a pen name.

Previously I had a long apology on here because I was given a guilt trip about cultural appropriation, but I’ve deleted that. I’m a Hellenic polytheist. I worship the Greek gods.

All forms and flavors of paganism that I am aware of – from fluffy bunny newbie Wiccans who just bought their first Tarot deck (been there, twenty years ago or so – oh, crap, longer, since that Tarot deck was in high school…) to hard-core Hellenic Reconstructionists who have no truck whatsoever with mysticism and feel that ANYONE who says they communicate with the gods is a fluffy bunny – have a history of taking on a name which reflects that particular tradition, whether to honor the gods or to maintain their anonymity. In my case, it’s both.

I actually poke fun of this in the book by having Zeus’s priestess go by her real name, Millie. Brandy is surprised that she has such a normal name. I guess I’m not as brave as Millie. But I’m getting there – I no longer apologize for my use of a pen name.

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