Pen Name Apologetics

Ella Apollodorus is a pen name.

Previously I had a long apology on here because I was given a guilt trip about cultural appropriation, but I’ve deleted that. I’m a Hellenic polytheist. I worship the Greek gods.

All forms and flavors of paganism that I am aware of – from fluffy bunny newbie Wiccans who just bought their first Tarot deck (been there, twenty years ago or so – oh, crap, longer, since that Tarot deck was in high school…) to hard-core Hellenic Reconstructionists who have no truck whatsoever with mysticism and feel that ANYONE who says they communicate with the gods is a fluffy bunny – have a history of taking on a name which reflects that particular tradition, whether to honor the gods or to maintain their anonymity. In my case, it’s both.

I actually poke fun of this in the book by having Zeus’s priestess go by her real name, Millie. Brandy is surprised that she has such a normal name. I guess I’m not as brave as Millie. But I’m getting there – I no longer apologize for my use of a pen name.

2 Responses to Pen Name Apologetics

  1. Rabea Scholz says:

    Good for you, Ella. After all, a name is the most personal word and probably the most important word there is in a person’s life. If your chosen name contributes to making your life better and more meaningful, who could possibly try to guilt trip you? Remember, it’s probably the other person’s issue, not yours. Keep writing!

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